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Haikyuu!! manga by Furudate Haruichi, fan blog by Ryla, 22 @Philippines. Fanart, fics, raves, random HQ!! stuff, and occasional rants. Tags are a mess, search by character. Suga icon by Kaya
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okay we really fucken need to talk about hq87 (translation/summary/reactions under the cut so very significant spoilers!!)

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Abstract Eden: Wherein I translate stuff from the official Haikyuu!! twitter account


本日発売の最新「週刊少年ジャンプ」48号で発表となりましたが、TVアニメ「ハイキュー!!」と、今年20周年を迎えるバレーボールのトップリーグ・V リーグとのコラボが決定しました!試合会場やポスターなどに、ハイキュー!!が続々登場する予定です!詳しくは今後の情報を是非お待ち下さい!

It was announced in issue 48 of “Weekly Shounen Jump”, which went on sale today (October 28), but along with the anime adaptation, there’s also going to…

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I always post my art at like wee hours of the night oops. sorry friends.
I will have this print at PMX!!! [I’m 90% no one will buy it but I JUST WANNA MEET MORE HQ PEOPLE OKAY SOB]
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lol that’s remind me of myself when i saw hinata at the first time on one of the jump’s cover page, and talk about shit mangakas artist xD and look at me now , become a big fan of his art and his manga also xD.
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ハイキュー!! by 宵風
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another kenma drawn in class…….. ..  …
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【HQ!!】烏野 (軍服パロ) | pimang(ピマン) [pixiv]
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