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"An Oikawa hanger came with pre-orders for Seijou jerseys"

Kageyama Tobio x Oikawa Tooru || Haikyuu!! Episode 20


a friend wanted yamaguchi wearing a flower crown, so here he is<3


I really wanna talk about this line from Noya, though. Kageyama and everyone else recognizes that the Setter is the control tower for the team, but the Libero connects everyone and makes sure that the ball stays up to get to the Setter. I think Noya pays a lot more attention than some people give him credit for. Kageyama may always have that ‘perpetual resting bitch face’, but Noya seems to be able to tell the difference. 

He says that Kageyama’s face is serious and that it’s not like him, which tells me that Noya can tell the difference between Kageyama’s awkward usual expression and when the Setter actually switched gears in the match. I’m sure Noya can even sense the tension from Kageyama with his hand there. And I’m honestly not even sure if I’m making a point with this or not, or really if there is a point to these ramblings at all, but this really struck a chord with me for some reason. Noya knows and recognizes when Kageyama’s mood changes. This is really important to me. I cannot even explain it if I tried, but it really shows you just how perceptive Noya actually is.

Noya is blunt with his words and I’m sure he knows the effect it has on some people, so I think he deliberately said this to try and jar Kageyama out of his obsessive funk that seems to crush him when Oikawa is involved. I think this is Noya’s way of telling Kageyama that it will be okay, without alerting the other team. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being dumb…I’m probably being dumb. Aha.

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Scans of Furudate’s little doodles on the inside of the front covers of the Haikyuu!! volumes. I can only assume that they’re meant to be fun little “self-portraits.”

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What’s app baby? Haikyuu!! Fanart

for my dear @argendriel


please appriciate this photoset of azumane asahi’s hair throughout the years

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