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tsukiyama 1 and 7 pleaaase :3


#1. On the forehead


# 7. On the lips




(w/e tsukki you love it)

Thank you for your request dear anon! More in the way, to be done within the week~




nishinoya attempting to leave this planet


ask box is open (again)! fresh start ayy \ o /


Surrounded by Hinata’s scent, and with his breathing so close, his words still ringing in his ears, Kageyama allowed himself to smile in the darkness, the monster forgotten, its importance overshadowed by the feeling in Kageyama’s chest he couldn’t give a name to. It wasn’t entirely pleasant, but it felt … promising. Kind of nice. Very strong, and very warm.

The last thing he remembered before drifting off to sleep was thinking that Hinata didn’t snore after all. But he did mumble incoherent words in his sleep, and it was kind of adorable.” (Shadows don’t matter close to the light by boxofwonder)

The scene from the best Haikyuu!! fanfiction I have ever read, and basically the one that made me the HAPPIEST ever and the one that made my heart squish and wooooshhhh and caused a lot of joy and tears and laughing and I’m obviously still crying over it;A;

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Have any of your children (ahem) teammates ever come to you for advice??? Like, relationship problems?????


Threw a bunch of KageHina and IwaOi pieces up on Shoptember! Either browse the shop, or head straight to the Haikyuu!! section :3

There’s porn, not-porn, serious cute—just review the summaries for deets :D There’s an Idling Attacker in early October I’m probably going to drop by, so I’ll be replenishing my stocks using whatever these sell for XD Give it a glance if you like!

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there’s so many things i want to talk about this chapter but first LET’S MEET DATEKOU’S NEW FIRST YEAR SETTER!!!!