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The back of a captain。


kagesuga florist au where kageyama totally falls 4 suga and wants to get him flowers but when he gets to the florist shop turns out suga has a weekend job as a florist and things get kinda awkward R.I.P.

Captain Sawamura Daichi


just some stupid nonsense i have managed to put together by screencapping :) Kageyama Tobio planting Hinata sunflowers -_- ok


Hinata Shouyou & Kageyma Tobio wanted on SILHOUETTES, an animated panfandom roleplay.


15 hours ago | Tuesday



Hi! We are in need of another Chinese—>English translator. The following are the requirements for the applicants:

  • Must be fluent in Chinese and English
  • Must know his/her way around Chinese sites, and must be willing to create an account on the sites of various Chinese scanlation groups
  • Must be willing to ask permission from Chinese groups to use their scans

If you’re confident that you’ll be able to do all of those, please send us an ask immediately! No experience is required, beginners are welcome! Thanks!